Ganar Dinero Como Beta Tester?

Ganar Dinero Probando Aplicaciones como Beta Tester Hace un tiempo les hable de 99test, una web en la que se pueden dejar aplicaciones para que la gente las pruebe o ofrecerse de beta tester, que al final de mes al mejor beta tester le dan un premio.

How do you get paid for beta testing? (formerly Erli Bird) is like the Uber of paid beta testing jobs. What it does is it partners big-name companies with beta testers and has all types of opportunities out there. Be fluent in English. Have certain devices for certain tests. You can get paid anywhere from $10 to $20 per test.

What makes a good beta tester?

Beta testing is a sometimes tedious but absolutely necessary part of developing apps and video games. If you love using new apps and playing new video games, notice the smallest details, and can communicate your observations clearly and objectively, you’d make a good beta tester.

Where can I find beta tester jobs?

Reddit is a great place to find beta tester jobs, be the first to know about paid beta testing opportunities, and learn about how to become a successful beta tester. Pro tip: Android has a forum filled with beta testing opportunities for Android users.

What is game beta testing?

It’s done in real-life conditions: various units of actual smartphones, laptops, and computers (not simulators), with different internet providers that are used by actual end-users. Beta testers use the app or game in these conditions to find out how it performs in real life and not under a controlled environment.

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